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The Relations between Enablers of the European Foundation for Quality Management and Its Results at Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Written by Shibli Ismael Morshed Swaitti
Organizational Culture and It’s Relation to Administrative Innovation in Private Schools in Jordan from the Point of View of Teachers Written by Awad Abdellatif Al Tarawneh
The Application of Total Quality Management in Palestinian and Lebanese Universities from the Perspective of Faculty Members Written by Ali Lutfe Ali Qashmar
Evaluation Teaching Performance of Faculty Members at the Faculty of Education, University of Sirte in Libya From the View Point of College Students as an Approach to Achieve Quality of University Education Written by Amhaimmed Omar Amhaimmed Essa
The impact of Governance in Achieving Excellence Performance - Applied study in a Sample of the Iraqi Private Universities Written by Khleel Ibraheem Ismaeel
The Application of Total Quality Management Using a Balanced Scorecard from the Point of View of the Faculty and Administrative Staff at the Faculty of Politics and Economics, Suez University Written by Aly Farrag Osman
The Degree of Quality Literacy Represent Among Postgraduate Students in Faculty of Education - Al-Quds University Written by Afif Hafez Zeidan
An Analysis of Students’ Attitudes Towards Twitter Use for Academic Purposes: A Case of Saudi Undergreate Female Students Written by Ilham Hassan Fathelrahman H. Mansour

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