The Necessary Competencies for Selecting Academic Leaders in the Sultanate of Oman in Light of the Vision of the Education Strategy 2040

The Necessary Competencies for Selecting Academic Leaders in the Sultanate of Oman in Light of the Vision of the Education Strategy 2040

Wajeha Thabit Al Ani

Amal Rashid Al Kiyumi

Faiza Ahmed Al Shidi

Department of Educational Foundations  and Administration/ Sultan Qaboos University

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Received: 6/6/2021                           Accepted: 25/7/2021 


This study aims to search for the necessary competencies to choose academic leaders in the Sultanate of Oman in light of the vision of the 2040 education strategy. To achieve this aim, a qualitative approach is used, by preparing an interview card that includes five main questions. The sample of the interview consists of nine individuals who occupy leadership positions at the university and whose work is related to the educational field. The sample consists of (the dean of the faculty and his assistants, a sample of department heads, the dean of admission and registration, directors of centres, and the head of the Quality and Accreditation Unit). The data collection period took about one month. The qualitative method is used to analyse the responses of the corresponding sample using the coding system NVivo according to the study fields.

The results of the study show that one of the most important competencies mentioned in the responses is the following competencies: personal competencies, professional competencies, communicational competencies, planning competencies, adequacy of practices, and technological competencies, in addition to the importance of academic leaders possessing the cognitive ability in two main dimensions (academic specialization and professional specialization). Furthermore, there is the importance of having a cultural horizon that helps them deal with various groups of society. As for the factors that influence the academic leader's success and make him distinguished, these are his ability to work with others, to take responsibility, to have the drive for accomplishments, to have the ability to negotiate and conclude deals, and to have the ability to deal with crises or risks. Based on the results of the study, several recommendations and proposals are developed.

Keywords: Academic Competencies, Academic Leaders, Higher Education.




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