A Proposed Contingency Plan for Education Continuity in COVID-19 Crisis

A Proposed Contingency Plan for Education Continuity in COVID-19 Crisis

Kifaya Sabbah


Samira Mahmoud

Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers' Training/ An-Najah National University

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Received  6/6/2021                                                                                                          Accepted  25/7/2021



This study aims to create a contingency plan for the emergency period during COVID-19 pandemic. The researchers read the exiting plans to put a suitable one for Palestine. They have revised the literature to benefit from it. The result was to put a suitable contingency plan for COVID-19 period. It included preparedness, providing first aid, notifying response partners, and providing instruction before first responders arrive. Preparedness is defined around five missions: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. SWOT analysis and interview as a case study are adopted to include the plan's all dimensions of how to behave during the pandemic. The researchers present some recommendations for both teachers and students, that teachers should train themselves on how to use ICT. At the same time, students should show positive attitudes towards using ICT in learning.

Keywords: Contingency plan, COVID-19.




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